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Patient Information

Insurance Information:


Barrow Physiotherapy is contracted out of Medical Aid. It is the responsibility of the patient or guardian to settle their bill at the time of their rooms appointment and then claim back from their Medical Aid. Exceptions may be made on this policy following motivation.


In-Hospital patients:

In-hospital patients will have their bill automatically sent to their Medical Aid on their behalf for payment. Should the Medical Aid not settle, however, payment remains the responsibility of the patient concerned.


Preparing for your appointment:

Please bring the following to your first consultation:

    • Referral from your doctor when required
    • Films / CD’s and reports of any previous X-Rays or MRI scans
    • List of medication you are taking
    • Previous operative / therapy reports


The first consultation is usually 45 minutes to 1 hour long.


Following your first consultation your therapist will most likely require further appointments with you. These follow-up appointments are usually 30 to 45 minutes long. If an improvement in your condition is not seen within three to five appointments, your therapist will review your condition and possibly refer you to a Specialist.